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When the sun's beating down and the sweat begins to stream, an AC system that's fully functional is always a breath of fresh air. Most manufacturers recommend that a vehicle's air conditioning system should be serviced every two years. If you are facing trouble with your air conditioning system, contact us at GH Motor Services. With a wealth of experience carrying out air conditioning repairs and servicing, you can rely on our expertise for quick fault finding and effective solutions. Get in touch for more information. We serve clients in Bristol.

Our AC service covers:

  • Servicing

  • Repair work and recharges

  • Re-gassing

  • Cleaning

R1234YF starts from £100 up to 400 grams and then additional £10 per 100 grams 

For examlpe a car that holds £500 grams it would cost £110 subject to vat 

R134A from £49.95  subject to vat


Air conditioning expert

Servicing can ensure your car's air conditioning system runs at full power and doesn't leave you high and dry on a hot summer day. At GH Motor Services, we are fully trained and licensed to handle R1234YF and R134A refrigerants. 

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